BM4SIT is a health project supported by the European Union
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Project overview of the BM4SIT project

BM4SIT stands for “Bet v 1 Mutant for [4] Specific Immuno Therapy”. The project focuses on birch pollen allergy, the third most common respiratory allergic disease in Europe. Birch pollen allergy is caused by a single major allergen called Bet v 1. Current allergen-specific immunotherapy (AIT) is carried out with birch pollen extracts. It has been demonstrated that AIT can also be effectively performed with just the major allergen Bet v 1 instead of an extract.

The concept of BM4SIT is to administer a mutant of Bet v 1 instead, called BM4, designed to reduce allergic side-effects but in parallel be more effective in the modulation of the allergic towards an anti-inflammatory immune response.

Current AIT protocols require long-term treatment regimen to be effective. In BM4SIT, the concept of a safe and efficient mutant Bet v 1 will therefore be complemented with an approach to more rapidly cure the allergic immune response. Therefore, vitamin D3, which has pre-clinically been proven to favor anti-inflammatory responses, will be evaluated as novel adjuvant supporting rapid suppression of allergic inflammation.


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